Are You Converting 90% and Up in your Sales Presentations?

Feb 20, 2023

If you’re only converting 1-2 Closed Sales every month, then you or your Sales team are missing out. There are sales being closed every day, all around you in your market today. Getting your full share could be as simple as using better selling skills. 

But what are selling skills, you say? It’s that ONE thing that only the Top Producers know. You either got it or you don’t. When you DON’T you sit amongst the weak and lower-income producers in your market.

Think about it, who tells you anything about selling skills? Anyone? So let’s first define it. 

Selling Skills are the ability to make a connection with a prospective client in the first 10 seconds of your encounter. It’s your ability to get them to like you, listen to you, trust you, and believe in you. Then, you get their Wants, Needs, and DBM (Dominant Buying Motive). Their DBM is an emotion, so you should know how to extract that.

Selling Skills, are you being able to then create curiosity within your prospect? Getting them excited, hungry, and eager to hear your offer of services or your product for them. Here, I like to say; you get them hungry to hear your presentation.

Selling Skills, my friends. Are you from here delivering an impactful presentation? Which for sure does include your prospects Wants, Needs, and DBM. Your presentation further includes preprogramming your client's actions to close. Moving them forward to seeing the Undeniable Truth that your product or services will solve their problem. Here they are so comfortable with you and believe in you and your services or product. That they are ready to sign all forms or documents to close with you.

Finally, the words Selling Skills have ONE secret that ONLY a very few know. It’s the secret of all Top Producers that you see or hear of. This secret to Closing is Knowing When to close.

So my friend, who reads this. Yes, you. I ask you again. Do you have Selling Skills? What would it mean to you, when your ability to close a prospective client is at or above 90% in your career or business? When you can answer this question with truth to yourself, you know you’re ready to achieve MORE.

Then you DON’T want to miss this OPPORTUNITY to close 99% more in your Presentations.


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