Begin With the End in Mind

Mar 27, 2023

Are you truly seeking a goal? If you are, consider beginning with the end in mind. Then, create a plan by working backwards. Let’s say you want to produce $100,000 in income for the year. Write it down, and break it up into smaller pieces that can be measured, realized, and awarded, as you move toward your goal.

 Next, make a plan to achieve your goals, and take the required steps to chip away at them. What are the resources in your toolbox? How do you use the tools you have? Why write it down?

 Identifying the tools you have, and can put to use, enables you to be the designer of your plan, and perhaps, lead you to more resources that work in making your plan a complete success. Precision in the use of your tools equips you with the knowledge and experience that, once mastered, can be repeated.

 When you gain experience, can anyone or anything ever take it away from you? Obviously not, and this is why you need to rely on the method of knowing your tools. When you write down your plan, put it in a place where you can locate it readily. This gives you the ability to see what is working.

 When you can measure your progress, you may make the required adjustments needed for the success you seek. The end in mind is often not easy to comprehend. When you do this, don’t rush the process.

 Allow your instinctive and intuitive thoughts to be a part of the making. Trust your decisions. Don’t look to reinvent the wheel. Realize that others have walked this path before you and have gotten to where you want to go. Simply put, make a plan and work on it to achieve success. For a deeper insight of this and more get a FREE copy of my book: The Art and Science of the Real Estate Agent- Day 1 Close a Deal.