Buying a Home today with No Money out of your POCKET

Mar 13, 2023

What if you could buy a home today with NO money out of your pocket? How would this make me feel? Well guess what, it’s happening all around you. Many real estate home buyers are getting deals done today with ZERO money to little at closing.

Here is how it works. If you are a first responder or what we call a HERO, then you are entitled to a whopping 5% (FIVE) percent mortgage Down Payment Assistance (DPA).

Secondly, instead of coming up with all of the closing costs you need to close the deal. What if the seller can be convinced to pay some or all of your closing costs? This is usually about 3.5% of your contract purchase price. 

Finally, what is it like for you to get folks to help you pay 50% or more of your monthly mortgage payments? YES, this is happening in your market. Getting the seller to do this does take some skills, but not to worry you can pick that up here if you are serious: The Five Steps of The Sale by Paul R. Atkinson