Get 5 to 7 New seller listing doing the P5

Feb 13, 2023

 What is it like to do the P5 (Paul 5) and get 5 to 7 new listings at once? How can you do this, you might say to yourself as you read this. Well, for more than 20 years I have used this technique to have fun while working with sellers. To get connected to many other potential sellers very quickly. To build my brand and get myself out there in the blink of an eye. Even when I was a brand new Realtor, back in 2003. This works so well only the #CHAMPIONS are doing it.

So let’s take a look closely at the P5 technique in getting 5 to 7 new listings today. Here is what you should do:

Make sure you visit surrounding properties to deliver detailed marketing information of the property. Do the P5 without fail on all the new listings you have or can get your hands on. This includes another agent's open house or showings you might be doing.

Visit five properties closest to your listing. These include the one directly in front (1), the ones to the right and left of the one directly in front (2) and (3), the one to the right of your listing (4), and the one to the left of your listing (5). Alternatively, visit all the ones you feel are applicable. 

Think positive and look forward to your day being productive. Make calls or do some administrative work while you wait for the prospects to arrive, keeping your mind on the game and working toward your next sale. 

At the end of the day, remember to provide feedback to the seller surrounding what you felt about the open house. 

Finally, always follow up with everyone who comes to visit. These practices can become a part of you and how you do business easily.”

Excerpt From: Paul R. Atkinson. “The Art and Science of the Real Estate Agent.” Apple Books.