Prospecting for NEW Clients

Mar 06, 2023

In order to create an exceptional prospecting plan, you must have some main ingredients. These vital ingredients are; selecting your market area, creating a marketing campaign, launching your campaign, and working your targeted area. 

The techniques and ideas you are about to read today will open your eyes to a wide range of to do’s in generating prospects. While having fun doing it.

So let’s get into it

When you think of prospecting, what comes to your mind? 

To me this means daily activities. What I will do each day I choose to work in my business to generate new business.

For more than 29 years I have used this simple system to create ideas on how I can be motivated to GO and prospect each day with drive and motivation. Now I share it with you with hopes that this technique will be of value to you in your business today.

So, here is what you should know. This technique is like going out to dinner at your favorite restaurant and looking through a fabulous menu to see what you are ready to enjoy at the moment of filling your belly.

Because prospecting is something you need to do daily when you choose to work. Here is how you can use a simple system that I call IGA (Income Generating Activity).

To get started, you get a blank sheet of paper, preferably 8 x 11 in size. At the top of the paper you add the acronym IGA. Centering it in the middle of the paper.

Then, to your left you begin by writing your first idea, and list it as number one(1.). Then consider the first activity you can think of that will generate income in your business.  

Continue this process until your sheet is filled. Keep this list growing by adding an IGA any and every time you think of one, or learn of one. This will be your prospecting menu, that is fun to use and easy to access to plan out each day.

Whether you have 10 for today or 50, it’s greatly beneficial to you for what will happen next.

You’ll take this list and put it in your work area both at home and in the office. This will be the list that you will use the night before preferably or first thing in the morning when you check your mood meter and arrange your day of marketing and prospecting.

The key here is that you want to select the activities that you know you’re motivated for that day. Because with motivation, you will be happy doing the task and enjoy each and every moment of your encounter with prospecting. 

So, simple. Yet so few can think of using this winning technique and system that we have been using for more than 29 years. Causing us to create and sustain solid pipelines of new and existing business now and generations to come.

Try it on for size and give us your feedback by sending us an image of your IGA list with a short text to 954-461-1786.