Two Things you DO NOT Compromise

Feb 27, 2023

When you want to ensure your direction is right. Let's think of these two things;

  1. We do not compromise our Values. To me my value today, tomorrow, and yesterday. Is never an item I will let go of, because it is the # 1 thing that gives me purpose each day. It is what I stand for in my business and in my life. I can remember being in the US military and standing behind our Core Values then; Honor, Courage, and Commitment. I don’t know what they are today for my US Navy family. But I know this; having a set of values gives you something to fight for each day in your business. So consider this and all that I am about to tell you, as you read on.
  2. Secondly, we do not comprise our Goals. Think about it. Your goals are your future. They are your driving force that moves you forward to your own success. So, why would you allow anything or anyone to come in your way of this? To me, I hold this and the above to the highest. If you do not have goals then you may perish. That’s what we hear the good book says, right? So let's not perish, instead let’s flourish.

Do not comprise either of these. Why, you may say? Here's why. Should you compromise either, you give up all. Because your value is what makes you you. It’s your core. Your deep down root to being who and what you are. While at the same moment,  your goal is your end in mind. Goals make you that person who is a #CHAMPION, with plans for bright and successful futures. Never ever allow anyone or anything to stand in your way of either of the above my dear friend. Your values and your goals are what will take you forward to success. 

Let's analyze these. What are your goals? When you have them and achieve them. What does this mean to you? To me. It means I have achieved, I have accomplished,  and attained great success. While in essence, my values are and were NEVER compromised or given away.

Wow, just think for a moment. There are two things. Aren't they the colossus of what makes us who we truly are. What else do you see my friends? 

Each day we rise we struggle, fight, and even in most cases lose at being our BEST. Am I right or wrong? With this being said. How and why, when you have this TIP, would you not proceed to follow through on these.

Crazy. However, more that 87% of us are sucking at this.

So now here is the challenge. I say think of this and analyze it. What would it be like, should you, NOT compromise your Values nor your Goals.

Enough said. If you get this then awesome, good for you, you're in our club. If not, we get you and cheers. All the best.