What to do to Get your Next Real Estate Transaction

Feb 06, 2023

Getting your next contract can be easier than you can imagine. After all you are a CHAMPION, and you did put together your first deal. To succeed and get the next deal in place quickly will take your focus of Believe and Persistence in being the Realtor of choice. So here are the steps that I want you to take on next, in getting your Next Contract:

  1. Begin each day with Positive thoughts ONLY
  2. Say your Mantra- Saying your Mantra (A statement or phase that you created to give you INSTANT Motivation)
  3. Complete the Sphere exercise- Asking for referrals is a great way to get to your next contract FAST. 
  4. Enter contacts into your CRM (Customer Relationship Management)- 
  5. Kill them with Service

In the comment section, tell us what your results are as you complete all that we spoke of above and took all the actions you were given. 

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