Best Practices of Working with a Buyer

Jan 23, 2023

Working with buyers requires more effort than you may imagine. Think of them as very resourceful, which is why your techniques and sales skills should be set to win them over at all times. Keep the opening simple. Then, use some questions to master this process. You may start with something as simple as, “Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I am excited about helping you find a property. I would like to take a few minutes to ask you about the property you wish to purchase as well as your property buying needs and wants."


The questions that you might want to consider asking include:

  •   Are there any specific areas you find interesting?
  •   What's important to you about this area?
  •   How long have you been looking for a property?
  •   Have you seen any property you’ve liked? If so, may you please describe it for me?
  •   How soon would you like to close on or move in the property?
  •   Do you need to sell an existing property before you buy another?
  •   Are you working with any other real estate agent? If not, will I be your agent of record (AOR)?
  •   What is your budget?
  •   What features are you looking for in your new property?
  •   Will this purchase be cash or finance?
  •   If you plan to get a mortgage, have you been evaluated for a loan and do you have a pre-approval letter?
  •   Are there any other people who need to see the property before you decide to make an offer?
  •   How many properties might you need to see before you make a decision?
  •   What days of the week are best for you to view properties?
  •   Are there any other questions or concerns you have about buying a property?


Other than resulting invaluable insight, these questions give you the opportunity to bond with buyers. Since all these questions may not all apply to everyone, use them as needed.


Here are some other points to consider if you wish to have great engagement levels with buyers from beginning to closing.


  •   Ensure you identify their wants, needs, and dominant buying motive (DBM) – the feeling behind their wants and needs.
  •   Input the buyer information into your CRM, send them a welcome email to engage.
  •   Begin to feed them available properties from the CRM or create the feed from your MLS platform if they are ready to begin viewing homes with you. The MLS feed helps to filter better in most cases. See what works best for you.
  •   Guide them through the 5-steps of the sales process thoroughly – conversation, curiosity, conviction, desire, and closing. You may learn more about the five steps of the sales process at WATCH MORE HERE.
  •   Once a contract is signed by all parties, get it to your TC within 24 hours.
  •   Work closely with your TC to manage all tasks within given deadlines and according to the terms of contract effectively.
  •   Follow up with buyer inspections and appraisals, and attend them if you feel it might help.
  •   Upon getting a lender to issue a “clear to close”, do a walk-through of the property on the day of closing.
  •   Attend the closing with a gift to show appreciation.
  •   Add the buyer in your CRM as a sold contact and campaign with drip emails to stay in touch over the months and years to come.


While these practices can help bring you future business from your buyers, there is a good possibility that they may refer other buyers and sellers to you. As a result, it is important that you always remain accessible. Stay in touch.